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Kim Hyung Jun’s call out to Kim Kyu Jong and Park Jung Min VCR @ He, His Story Concert [08.02.14]
Rough eng trans: 

Jun: Kim Kyu Jong!
Kyu: Why?
Jun: I called you because I missed you. Nothing special happened right?
Kyu: Nothing… I’ve been living well
Jun: Won’t you come to my concert?
Kyu: Should I come?
Jun: Will you or will you not? Decide quickly.
Kyu: What if I don’t?
Jun: Yah! (curses at Kyu xD )
Kyu: Hahaha
Jun: Why do you have to consider so much?
Kyu: When is the concert?
Jun: February 8th
Kyu: Ah… I don’t know if I have work or not.
Jun: I’ll just… pick you up.
Kyu: Youu’ll come to pick me?
Jun: Yes. If I get busy I’ll send someone to pick you up. Just come.
Kyu: Okay.

Jun: Kyu Jong!!! That’s our Kyu Jong. Good-hearted people likes to hang out….. Sorry. (laughs)
He’s so good at heart.. talk a lot about his feelings. He gives me a lot of courage and ask me to do well. Gives me advices on how to work in the future. That’s how he’s like. It’d so glad to see Kyu Jong whenever I can but since he’s busy and in the army.. It’s tiring for him..
I like driving….

Jun: Jung Minah!
Min: Mmmm? Bonjour! Bonjour (Hello in French)
Jun: Do you want to die Jung Minah?
Min: Where on earth are there people who wants to die!! I want to live.. I want to live for a long long time!
Jun: Then you come to the concert! Kyu Jong said he’ll come too. let’s go to a drink after the ending.
Min: Got it Hyung Junah I’ll look forward to your performance.
( Can’t catch what Jun says at this moment, sorry)
Min: Understood…

*Jun plays 4Chance*

English Translation: @DeeHudgens94 
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Pictures of: ss501 HyunSaengKyu

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Park Jung Min Japanese Comeback - SAVE US TONIGHT
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The GIF that keeps on giving.

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Park Jung Min - Beautiful

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